Video Test Proctoring for Academic Institutions

Monito School

With Monito School, you can set up classes and invite your students to them
and run and proctor secure online test in real time.

Conduct Tests in the Innovative Testing Environment Created by
Monito School

Secure Remote Exam Proctoring

Proctor the test environments and screen activity of students in real time while they are taking the test. The proctor can then take action in case of suspected cheating.

Wide Range of Question Types

In Monito School, you can create tests with any kind of question format, including multiple-short answer and short-answer and essay tests.

Managing Students' Test Results

Invite a large number of students to your class simply by uploading Excel document. Conveniently manage your students' individual score records.
중앙대학교 로고 국민대학교 로고 이화여대학교 로고 서울여자대학교 로고 포항공과대학교 로고 서경대학교 로고 경북대학교 로고 공주대학교 로고 충북대학교 로고 충남대학교 로고 대구가톨릭대학교 로고 안동대학교 로고 한동대학교 로고 한국디지털미디어고등학교 로고 경기대학교 로고 한국교원대학교 로고 루터대학교 로고 계명대학교 로고

Simple and Convenient Online Testing

Online Testing Process

1. Create a Class

Create a class. You can use Monito School to invite students to classes and conduct tests.

  • Create classes organized by subject
  • Invite students to any class
Online Testing Process

2. Invite Students

Register students for tests. Students can access the test by entering the testing room code and their unique information.

  • Register examinees with their email and phone numbers
  • Mass registration of examinees supported through Excel file upload
  • Generate unique test codes
Online Testing Process

3. Create Tests

Create questions for tests.
Monito supports a wide range of question formats for tests.

  • Support for multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay question formats
  • 시험 제한 시간 및 총점 설정
  • 시험 유효 기간 설정
Online Testing Process

4. Run Tests with Real-Time Video Proctoring

Administer testing with real-time monitoring.
Monitor students' behavior, speech, and screen activity during the test.

  • Real-time webcam monitoring
  • Monitor screen activity in real time
  • Real-time mobile phone camera monitoring
  • Proctor tests aided by video recording
Online Testing Process

5. Manage Students' Test Results

학생별로 시험을 채점하고 기록하세요.
기록된 데이터는 엑셀 파일로 다운로드 할 수 있습니다.

  • Record student scores
  • Download student records in Excel files

Monito School Trial and Paid Subscriptions

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Maximum number of test-takers per class Up to 80 students Support for more than 80 students can be provided upon special request
Number of Tests per Class Two tests Four Tests
Duration of Tests Up to 60 minutes Up to 120 minutes
Period of Use 60 Days 1 Semester
Allows Recording
Rate Free KRW 500.000/per class
(Based on 80 students per class, excluding VAT)
* You can create up to two classes with the Monito School free trial.
* Your free trial period is 60 days from the day you set up your first course.
* Test results can be queried up to six months after the free trial ends.

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